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Configuration & editing software - <em>Panel Studio</em>

Configuration & editing software - <em>Panel Studio</em> can do a variety of other functions depending on what specific needs the business requires. We believe that our Configuration & editing software - <em>Panel Studio</em> have very great potential for this type of development in Electrical Supplies industry.

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Configuration & editing software : Panel Studio

( Configuration & editing software : Panel Studio )

Powerful and user friendly Panel Studio editing software supports many PLC drivers. Good features include Fine components, Trends, Alarms, bar-graphs, Recipes, Multilingual. Scripts, Data logging, Remote Viewer Vector graphics, Symbol factory, Online/Offline Simulation for Rapid application development.

BRAINCHILD ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD., the world’s leading manufacturer of Configuration & editing software - <em>Panel Studio</em>, is positioned at the leading edge of innovation and service, providing the most comprehensive Operator Interfaces - Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) solutions packages to its customers via a portfolio of highly recognized brands. If you are looking for Configuration & editing software - <em>Panel Studio</em> manufacturing company, let us be your answer.
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